Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{December Daily Day Three}

Day three came together pretty easy! I already had that "believe" pocket done because I did the other side first and then just did this one the same day. Then I knew I wanted a full 4x6 photo for the bottom pocket and decided to just add some embellishing in the corner. Next I wanted to use that "peace, love, joy" card and the girl holding the presents so that left me with 2 pockets for photos.

Under the "3" is actually a piece of our wrapping paper :) 

I'm going to try and deal with the "peace, love, joy" being backwards on the reverse side. We will see how that goes when I do day four!  

And this is my favorite pocket! One, I love that picture of my daughter kissing the bow, lol! Then I just love what I decided to do with that bow! At first I had it tied around the card and I tried to squish it into the pocket. Obviously I didn't like the look of a squished bow so I cut slits in the side of the page protector and tied the bow on the outside! I LOVE this and might be doing it again;)