Monday, November 25, 2013

{Pl Oct 14th-20th}

This week was a very busy one! I actually had to do 2 full spreads to get everything to fit! Not only did we have our regular week with a dental surgery thrown in there, but we had a school field trip and our own family field trip to the pumpkin patch. I tried to keep it pretty simple since I had so much to document. It was a fun week:) 

 I love this picture in the bottom right. We went mini golfing and the ball kept going in the water or the bushes, lol. 

I got this "Awesome" card from my Scraptastic kit! I love it! 

These little title stickers came in one of my Studio Calico pl kits. I don't get those every month, but once in a while I see stuff I like and decide to get it! I just love these little stickers!  

Another packed side! I had to use my picframe app a lot to get multiple photos on my 4x6 prints.  

This was also the week I started my December Daily album:) "Oh happy day" indeed!  

And that's my daughter's hand:) Always trying to help mommy!  

Now this spread is all one day! It's the day we went to the pumpkin patch. I had to include all these pictures:)  

I kept my embellishing simple and knocked this out in no time!  

Friday, November 22, 2013

{PL Oct 7th-13th}

Another week down! I am really loving my Scraptastic kit! I love all the cards it comes with and it always seems to be easy to match to my stash:) Using up my stash makes me VERY happy! This week was a fun one to do. It was pretty laid back and I had a lot of fun adding more fall things to my PL. 

I used a lot of the fall collection from Echo Park, "Oh so thankful" for this week. That cute little fox is from the sticker sheet, and so is the title sticker, "Home is with your family".  

I couldn't get a shot of Zoe's cute boots! She was just always on the move, but I went with it!  

I sell Origami Owl so I'm always coming up with new locket creations! I wanted to include this fall locket:)  

Here's that cute fox! Love him!  

Another "open" week. Lots of room for decorations.  

That die cut card, "My Favorite things' is from my Scraptastic kit, It went perfect next to this sweet picture of my daughter stopping to smell the flowers.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{PL Sept 30th to Oct 6th}

I'm going to get caught up, I'm going to get caught up, I'm going to get caught up!!! Sorry, had a moment there. I'm working hard to get all caught up so in Dec all I have to do is my December Daily:) I'm getting there...slowly. This was a fun week to document. There were a lot of cute little things the kids did and we decorated for Halloween. Plus the government  shut down so that was fun to document. 

I had to include the Halloween decorations:) It's such a fun time to decorate with the kids.  

That wooden card from my Scraptastic kit was perfect for documenting the government shutdown! I love the wood pieces we get in our kits each month.  

This is another wooden arrow from my Scraptastic kit. I love it!  

I like it when I leave myself some space to breath in my pl album. Some weeks are so jam packed with pictures I don't get to be too creative! I had an open 4x6 spot and loved this card from  the Oh So Thankful line from Echo Park/. 

Yay! I got some memorabilia in this week! Well, part of a wrapper from some yummy pumpkin pop tarts, but it works!  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

{Filofax Love}

I finally took the plunge and got a filofax and I'm so glad I did! I love anything to do with organizing so this purchase was kind of a no brainer! I purchased the personal aqua Saffiano, which I believe is now sold out, but the purple is still available! It was a great deal and well worth every penny. 

In this picture it looks pretty blue, but it's more a green blue like the second picture shows. It's not real leather, but it feels like butter! It's so soft:) 

You can see the beautiful texture and stitching in this picture.  

The inside pocket has 3 slots for cards, but I'm using them for my cute clips.  

I decided I wanted something beautiful and inspiring to look at each day when I opened my planner. I filled the pocket that came with the Saffiano with sequins and some wood veneer stars, then put an inspirational sticker  in the middle. I just ran the top through my sewing machine to keep everything inside and that's it! I love looking at this opening page every day:)

The back of that sequin pocket had the back of the sticker showing so I covered it up with this cute little envelope. I can hide little notes in there if I want to. The next side was the flyleaf. I just put a bit of washi tape along the bottom and added a typewriter sticker. 

The inside is still a work in progress, but so far these are my tabs. I keep my finances in another folder so it left me with lots of free space! 

I decided to purchase the sticky note pad. I was so close to free shipping I figured I would rather spend money on this than shipping! I love the little tab at the top right, it makes the sticky note holder easy to flip to.  

Of course I couldn't leave that ruler plain! It came with a frosted ruler that is easy to just snap in and out without opening the rings. I'm going to use it to hold my place for whatever week I'm in. I added a little washi tape and a cute bow clip to the top:)
Well, that's my filofax so far! I'm sure I will add to it over time, but I am very happy with how it is so far:) 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

{December Daily Organized}

Well, I have taken step 1...after doing step 2, lol. I had to do my cover a few weeks ago right when I got my kit and I just now have sat down and organized all my supplies. A little backwards I know, but I got excited to start. Now I have everything in one place and it looks so pretty. I could seriously leave this tray sitting on my kitchen table all year and it would make me so happy. I love pretty supplies and Christmas really takes the cake! I dug around in all my drawers for every little dish I could find to separate my little sequins and such. It really makes it look clean and helps me see every little piece I have.  I stole that tray from my table....scrap booking supply holder is a much better use then it had before;) Now I just need to get started on my pages! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

{Crafting brings the family together}

Crafting really does bring the family together:) I made a Birthday card for my mom last night and my 5 year old son was so curious! I decided to set him down with a card base and lots of my extra supplies and just let him play. It was such a special time together! He wanted to copy everything I was doing and we just sat there and chatted and we made our cards. I think his card turned out very cute:)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{PL Sept 23rd-29th}

This week was another picture heavy one! But that's why I love my apps!! They help me cram 2 or 3 photos in one 4x6. I did that a few times this week. The other thing I did a lot of was use sequins. Sometimes I just find myself reaching for them more often. I love the little detail they add and of course they are a cheap embellishment. 

Sequins everywhere!! They were the perfect filler for this heart:) 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

{PL Sept 16-22nd}

This week the weather was beautiful! We got to take our boat out and play at the park:) Oh how I wish it wasn't cold now, lol. I really had fun with embellishing this week. I loved that blue card that looks like it has bubbles on it. I put a picture of the seal we saw while boating that one and used sequins in shades of blue to emphasize the bubbles. 

One of my favorite pictures:) my son lined up all these guys to watch TV!  

On that "Daily" card there is a picture of the wonderful glitter mess my daughter made. Somehow she got a hold of my beautiful fine glitter and dumped it everywhere!  

And I still love Rhonna Farrer's app! That's where that "look" arrow came from. It was perfect!