Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{PL Sept 30th to Oct 6th}

I'm going to get caught up, I'm going to get caught up, I'm going to get caught up!!! Sorry, had a moment there. I'm working hard to get all caught up so in Dec all I have to do is my December Daily:) I'm getting there...slowly. This was a fun week to document. There were a lot of cute little things the kids did and we decorated for Halloween. Plus the government  shut down so that was fun to document. 

I had to include the Halloween decorations:) It's such a fun time to decorate with the kids.  

That wooden card from my Scraptastic kit was perfect for documenting the government shutdown! I love the wood pieces we get in our kits each month.  

This is another wooden arrow from my Scraptastic kit. I love it!  

I like it when I leave myself some space to breath in my pl album. Some weeks are so jam packed with pictures I don't get to be too creative! I had an open 4x6 spot and loved this card from  the Oh So Thankful line from Echo Park/. 

Yay! I got some memorabilia in this week! Well, part of a wrapper from some yummy pumpkin pop tarts, but it works!