Saturday, November 16, 2013

{December Daily Organized}

Well, I have taken step 1...after doing step 2, lol. I had to do my cover a few weeks ago right when I got my kit and I just now have sat down and organized all my supplies. A little backwards I know, but I got excited to start. Now I have everything in one place and it looks so pretty. I could seriously leave this tray sitting on my kitchen table all year and it would make me so happy. I love pretty supplies and Christmas really takes the cake! I dug around in all my drawers for every little dish I could find to separate my little sequins and such. It really makes it look clean and helps me see every little piece I have.  I stole that tray from my table....scrap booking supply holder is a much better use then it had before;) Now I just need to get started on my pages!