Thursday, November 7, 2013

{PL Sept 16-22nd}

This week the weather was beautiful! We got to take our boat out and play at the park:) Oh how I wish it wasn't cold now, lol. I really had fun with embellishing this week. I loved that blue card that looks like it has bubbles on it. I put a picture of the seal we saw while boating that one and used sequins in shades of blue to emphasize the bubbles. 

One of my favorite pictures:) my son lined up all these guys to watch TV!  

On that "Daily" card there is a picture of the wonderful glitter mess my daughter made. Somehow she got a hold of my beautiful fine glitter and dumped it everywhere!  

And I still love Rhonna Farrer's app! That's where that "look" arrow came from. It was perfect!