Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Becky Higgins Calender for my Filofax}

I saw this calender a few weeks ago and wanted to get it but didn't know where I would use it! Then, I got my A5! I knew I wanted new dividers and a cute calender so I went back to Michaels and bought it! It turned out so cute! I had to cut it down a little to make it fit, but it works! 

This calender was VERY well done! It has lots of cute pages and lists, no space was wasted! 

As you can see they are a little bigger than the normal Filofax divider. I just used the Filofax one as a guide to cut down the Becky Higgins. 

Now, I don't have a fancy hole punch so I had to do then by hand. This will go MUCH faster if you already have a nice one.   

Look how cute each month is! 



In between each month are cute lists made specifically for that month ! I LOVE it! 

And here are the weeks. There is one week on each page. It will be different to use, but I really love the way they are laid out! Plus it is a very heavy card stock so I can use any pen I want to :)

Our Filofax's are ever changing, but I think this setup might stick around for a while for me :) What do you like best about these calender inserts, I would love to hear from you! Happy Filofaxing!