Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{Summer 2013 mini}

Do you ever start a project and never finish it? We never do that right?? ;) Well, I was cleaning out my hall closet and found a half done mini album from last year's summer vacation! All the pictures are in it and about 1/3 of it is actually finished! It looks so good so far, I couldn't leave it that way. The memories are still kind of fresh in my head and I want to get them down before they're gone. The whole reason we do these albums is for our future family to look back on. How would it look if we opened this album only to have 1/3 of our vacation documented. Before I will allow myself to start our Disney vacation album, this one MUST get finished. I'll share some of what is done so far and hopefully be able to share the rest soon! It's out on my desk starring at me so I have no more excuses to put it off. 

The front cover is still undone, but I like to finish that last so it matches everything I've done inside and I use scraps on it :) I used a Simple Stories album with a green spine and a Kraft finish. I chose it specifically for the brown and green look; I thought it went well with our trip. 

And now that this is blogged I really can't leave it unfinished!! You guys keep me accountable and bug me to see the rest ;)