Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{PL Jan 13th-19th part 2}

This weekend my hubby turned 29! He always jokes because I'm one year ahead and I already hit 30, lol. I kept the colors on this side bright and cheery. I knew I would add the Birthday card I made him in the bottom right pocket so I let that lead the rest of my layout.  

This polka dot tag was screaming birthday to me!  

I am really in love with these asterisk stickers that came in my PL kit! So cute!  

I put a little asterisk sticker on the 19th since that was his birthday :) 

This is my daughter playing with my washi tape so I can scrap :) 

Here is the birthday card. I did have to trim it down a little to make it fit better, but I would rather have it in here then throw it away :) I also slide my son's card he made behind this one. I'm meeting my goal to include more memorabilia!   

This pretty much sums it up!! :)