Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{PL Jan 6th-12th part one}

Well, I'm back!! I took a little vacation and decided to just relax when I got home, but now I'm getting back into my scrapbooking and it feels great!! Soon I will start my Disneyland mini album and I will make sure to share it here! I'm sure that will take me quite awhile because I have 160 photos I want to include!

 I'm going to start doing my PL posts in two segments. Mainly because I'm taking all week to finish one spread and I want to at least blog more than that ;) So here is the first half of this week! We were still driving back from our vacation. The very first week of my PL isn't done yet because that was Disneyland and I have to decide how to include that in my PL since I'm also doing a mini album. Decision Decisions, lol. 

I'm so in love with this color palate right now! I just love mixing in gold accents too :) 

So I got some embossing supplies for Christmas and I'm still learning! I had to do this arrow twice and it still didn't turn out!  

I love this heart paperclip! Shaped paperclips are one of my favorite embellishments!  

I had these gold dots left over from Christmas and couldn't let them go to waste ;) 

I don't mind including pictures that are a little blurry, like this one of my daughter. It's real life and I don't want to not include the moment!  

Here it is! Gold again! I LOVE this doily!  

This is part of the box the doughnuts came in :) My goal in 2014 is to include more memorabilia!