Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{December Daily Cover}

Once I got my December Daily kit from Studio Calico I couldn't resist, I had to dive right in and do the cover!! I knew I wanted to make those beautiful stars stand out so I went to Micheals and bought a Gold Sharpie paint pen. It worked amazingly! I am now hooked on those pens and plan on buying more!

 Next I painted the wood veneer "25" red. When I put it down it looked like it needed just a little more sparkle ;0) In our kits we received gold glitter tape and silver glitter ribbon. I took strips of those to add a little more sparkle behind the numbers. I'm loving it so far and I know it's still October but I want to start the inside too!  

Go buy this pen (and use a coupon)!!! Seriously they are amazing!!