Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{Taking photos of your Layout}

This is one of those things when you have a blog that is always an issue! How to get a good photo of your content! I think I finally figured out my sweet spot in my house and the right camera and settings to use! I have this table by a large window that always gets great light and that's where I have been doing most of my photos. I was using my iphone because it was easy, but I just figured out how to position my pages so I can use my Canon! The results are huge! 



To me it's a big difference in clarity and color! I always thought the iphone pictures would do, but now I'm never going back! They are always a little out of focus and not as clear as the second photo. I still kept it easy though! I used my auto setting and edited it using my iphone app Snapseed even though I have Photo shop. I love Snapseed for a quick edit:) Life is busy and we need shortcuts right??

See!! Easy! I made it work:) And don't mind the leaves in the yard, we wait until our giant Maple is done shedding to rake!! We use to rake every few days and it would just look like this again!! Beautiful tree, but my what a pain in the fall!