Friday, July 19, 2013

{Star Love}

I made these cute stars for my son and daughter's bedroom doors. I also re-purposed the package the star came in to get 2 stars for the price of one!! I love them and they look so fun hanging there! Enjoy! 

The Star is from Close to my Heart along with the papers. This project was really easy and I was done in less than 30 mins for both stars! 

First I taped down the template and started cutting out my star sides. 

Once I cut out these double star sides I used my cutting board to make a score line down the middle.

Next I just glued them on and embellished! 

To do the second star for my son I used the clear packaging the star originally came in! I like to get the most for my money;)

As you can see the packaging was a little too big for the templates, so in the end I had to use some washi tape to hide the sides. 

Here they are one more time! I just love them!

Products used:

The banner pieces are not available anymore, but you can easily make them with cardstock.