Friday, August 23, 2013

{Happy Birthday}

So I had a little dilemma this week. My daughter just had her first birthday and I had a bunch of really cute photos except for one thing...the cake! I tried to make my own banana icing and it turned out all runny and so gross looking, lol. I decided in the end to use the photos anyways and just move on. It's not perfect, but kind of a funny memory. I'm wondering, how many people edit what they scrap? Do you scrap even the not so cute stuff? I'm really glad I did because it's true to real life, but I almost didn't!!  Here is my PL spread. No making fun of my cake;)

My daughter's face is priceless in these shots:)

I decided to play along with how gross the cake looked by being a little funny with my title...yum??

I love this stamp I got with one of my PL kits from Scraptastic. It was perfect for these shots of her eating cake:)

I LOVED this month's PL kit from Studio Calico! Those cards are so dreamy:)

I made my own cards using the stamp set in the Studio Calico set and those gorgeous sequins.

I love cutting cards with my craft blade to make them seem 3D. That's what I did with this pink stripe card from my Scraptastic PL kit so the label would lay over the other journaling card. 

This card is one of my favorites from the Studio Calico PL Kit! 

With this tag that came in the kit instead of using the holes for sewing I used them for brads.

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